We provide free legal advice on Patent law. We provide a description of what Patent law is and provide an explanation as shown below.

What is Patent Law?

Firstly As society develops and technology develops, the law too develops with it. Secondly Patent law is concerned with giving the individual a legal right to stop others from making, using and selling and importing inventions.

Patent Acts 1977

However For a product to be considered under the Patents Act 1977, section 1 of the act must be fulfilled. Therefore the invention subject to patent law must be; something that is out of the ordinary. In addition it must be new. Above all , an invention under patent law must be capable of industrial application. In conclusion this means that it is capable of being created and used within a sector.

Requirements of Patent Law

Most importantly Section 7 of Patents Act 1977 mentions the criteria needed to apply for a patent. Individuals that are able to apply include; the main inventor/inventors and the legal owner of the property concerned. More importantly If these categories are satisfied, an application can be made.

Advice catered to you

With the various new technology; society is at its highest in innovation, and subsequently this is the best time to create your own inventions. Some business’s invention is key for the success of their business. Whether you are a sole trader, working in a partnership or a company. This firm aims to provide free legal advice on all areas of patent law

Patent law is difficult to understand for many as it governs aspects that are not relevant to most. However, at Heathrow Legal Advice we provide free legal advice on this. Any concerns regarding patent law can be dealt with by our experienced paralegals. Furthermore, if you wish to proceed with an application under patent law, we can provide with any assistance and help with any legal formalities that may be required of you.