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if a person does certain acts in the UK, in relation to a patented invention without the consent of the patent owner.

Its up to the holder to bring a patent infringement litigation case to the unauthorised party.

Expert witnesses are often used to help prove guilt and patent litigation can be costly.

Actions can result in an injunction against the infringement.

Different types

  1. Direct infringement-  However when a product covered is manufactured and without the patent holder’s permission.
  2. Indirect infringement- where an unauthorized party may encourage or aid another in indulging upon a patent.
  3. Contributory infringement- Contributory infringement- when an unauthorised party supplies a direct infringer with a part that has no substantial non-infringing use.
  • Literal infringement-
  • when there is a direct correspondence between words in the product claims and the infringing product or device.

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