Criminal Defence firm VHS Fletcher’s sack employee amidst comments made against the prime minister

The Criminal defence firm VHS Fletchers has sacked  a former worker A paralegal has lost her job when writing on Facebook that Boris Johnson “completely deserves” to be hospitalised with coronavirus.

Sheila Oakes, who is additionally an area politician, isn’t any longer utilized at regional outfit VHS Fletchers when her comment went infective agent.

The firm aforesaid in an exceedingly statement that “to would like ill health upon anyone should be offensive to all or any right thinking members of the public”.

 The unfortunate incident started out on Monday night, once Oakes reportedly replied to a Facebook post asking folks to wish for the Prime Minister, who had been admitted to medical care the previous day.

Oakes, a Labour member for Amber vale and therefore the city manager of Heanor in Derbyshire, replied “Sorry, he fully deserves this and he’s one in every of the worst PMs we’ve ever had”.

An online backlash ensued. Oakes quickly apologised, however lost the Labour whip associate degreed is already listed as an freelance on the council web site.

As if that weren’t enough, Oakes has conjointly lost her job at VHS Fletchers, the criminal defence firm wherever she worked as a paralegal.

The firm, that has 5 offices in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, free an announcement on Wed evening speech communication that “Ms Oakes isn’t any longer utilized by this firm in any capacity”.

The statement goes on to mention that “these posts were created in an exceedingly personal capability however it had been clear from her Facebook life history that she was associate degree worker of this firm, and as a result we tend to became entangled in comprehensible and bonafide criticism of what she had said”.

The firm say that “to would like ill health upon anyone should be offensive to all or any right thinking members of the general public.

We tend to square measure acutely attentive to the distress that such posts will cause, each to the family and friends of the Prime Minister, however conjointly to all or any of these laid low with this terrible virus.

Johnson has been in medical care since Sunday evening however is currently aforesaid to be sitting up in bed and “engaging positively” together with his doctors.