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Vijay Yadav the Digital Marketing assistant working under Senior Paralegal Mr. Bobby Madan gives his thoughts and insights into Covid19 and gives his own personal views on the Government Guidelines towards Covid19

Outline of Covid19

The Covid19 disease which was initially detected in the Wuhan province of China and has since spread across nations all over the world. Covid19 is a serious illness which has an impact on your Lungs and your Airways.

Due to Covid19 the whole world is on lockdown and is at a standstill following the respective nations governments and every citizen adhering to the guidelines and regulations set retrospectively.

Covid19 has had severe implications on our lives as human beings we are not able to move freely. We are not able to show passion and love such as giving a hug to a family member or close friends or being able to say hello and greet every person we know.

Sticking together through this tough time

However I strongly believe that we will come through Covid19 through everyone being united and sticking together throughout this difficult time and in particular those who reside in the United Kingdom who are all appreciating the hard work that the National Health service Doctors, nurses and support staff are doing in order to reduce the number of cases of coronavirus.

We show our appreciation for everything that the NHS is doing during the Covid19 pandemic in our lives by showing our appreciation through arranging for the whole nation to clap for our NHS service workers at a particular time in this instance 8pm.

However despite this there has been a serious concern that during Covid 19 our heroes the NHS workers have stated that they express greater concern about the lack of PPE Equipment that has been provided in order for them to carry out their work which is why I believe it is extremely important that the NHS staff are given the sufficient equipment and support from the government to carry out their duties.

Also, everyone is being much more health conscious at a time where our health is priority ensuring that you wash your wants and keep your social distance from other members of the public.

My thoughts

Finally, in order to ensure cases of Covid19 decrease I strongly advise you to follow the guidelines set and stay at home protect the NHS and save lives.

Having had a look at the recent statistics in terms of cases of Covid19 for the United Kingdom there are 65,077 cases of the Covid19 pandemic of which the amount of deaths as a result of Covid19 comes to 7,978 and the number of recovered cases remains at 135.

Having not yet reached the peak of the virus itself I am in complete agreement of the government’s advice of staying at home and only leaving your household for the following reasons: 1) To buy essential goods 2) to purchase medication 3) carrying out one form of exercise a day and 4) Travelling for purposes of Work .

My thoughts on the Governments Approach

I am in full agreement with the government that if we follow these Covid19 procedures as outlined by the government then we will gradually see a decline not only in the number of cases of Covid19 pandemic but we will also see a reduction of deaths as well.

Through following this advice on Covid19, I strongly believe that during the Covid19 crisis we will be putting less pressure and strain on all of the dedicated NHS doctors, Nurses and Caseworkers who at this time of crisis are doing their upmost best and are working on the frontline and will give them breathing time to cure those people who are already in their wards and units with symptoms of Covid19  awaiting treatment.

Update from the Foreign Secretary

As Foreign secretary Dominic Raab stated that although we as a nation are starting to see positive results of Covid19 as a result of the UK going into a Lockdown.

Mr Raab urged that we cannot afford to take our foot of the gas otherwise stating we cannot afford to rest and take it easy. In this time of turbulence.

It is also very nice to see initiative’s being launched by the government Chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing that the government will pay 80% of their wages for staff who have been out of work since the Covid19 outbreak.

The government also announcing that for those who are self-employed there will be a 3 billion pound a month rescue package are some of the initiatives which I am please to see the government introduce amongst this time of uncertainty that is Covid19.