Our solicitors in Heathrow will help you file all the necessary paperwork in order to ensure your arbitration is firmly in place.

  1. A party commences an arbitration under the ICSID convention by submitting a request for arbitration to the Secretary General.
  2. The process of filing the request is governed by Article 36 of the ISCID convention, the rules of Procedure for the institution of conciliation and Arbitration proceedings and the Administration and financial regulations 16, 30 and 34 (1).

Formal requirements, information and documents

Our solicitors in Heathrow will assist you in obtaining all the relevant documents you require to settle your dispute. Below is a non-comprehensive list of information required;

  1. The request must be written in one of the official languages of the centre (English, French or Spanish)
  2. It must be dated and signed by the requesting party or its duly authorised representatives.
  3. The request will include the name and contact details of the parties including electronic mail address, street address and phone.
  4. If the date of the consent is the date on which the parties to the dispute consented to it. If both parties did not act on the same day, it means the date on which the second party acted.
  5. If the consent is in a treaty or law the request must enclose copies of such instruments and evidence of their entry into force (e.g. an extract from a government website showing the date or a copy from a states collection of laws.
  6. Basic information demonstrating that there is a legal dispute arising directly out of an investment.

Submitting the request for arbitration

Our solicitors in arbitration will help you make a request for arbitration adding any supporting documentation which should be sent to us and we can therefore forward to the ICSID.

Lodging fee

The non refundable fee is of US $25.000 which must be paid on or before lodging the request. The fee is payable by the party filing the request or by both parties.

The fee should be paid by wire transfer.