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At Graham Dalglish Associates we have been forming Legal Centre’s since 2012 from our own pockets. Never have we relied on government funds to support easy access to individual justice. We started our first legal centre in Southall West London called Greenford Law from a small office space in our residential property. Since then we have acquired 3 more offices. We are owners of the Knightsbridge Legal Centre, Heathrow Legal Centre and Southall and Finchley Legal Centre.

We built legal centres because we knew that advice bureau’s could not deal with everything and also we could potentially halve solicitor fees by offering a much lower rate then solicitors in London. Solicitor rates can be as high as £500 per hour in central London. We don’t do that. We offer Free Legal Advice on all our matters but yes we do charge for our work.

So do you want to pay extortionate fees or would you rather have a simple low cost solution to your legal issue without having lawyers exaggerate your fees?. This is why we are here. Graham Dalglish have worked on both small and large cases. Below are some of our cases;

1. R V British Airways- Employment Tribunal (full case management and tribunal representation. Victories for clients in Unfair dismissal. We have managed 6 large BA cases in 2019.

2. Turner vs DCBL- A widely publicized case of High Court Sheriffs entering our client’s property unlawfully resulting in a costs order against the sheriffs and trespass against Mr Gary Brown.

3. NMC vs Ramanah- Fitness to Practice case against a former care home manager who was accused of Gross negligence. The case was brought forward by the Care and Quality Commission and resulted in a referral to the regulator. On conducting a virtual hearing and grounds of appeal, our client succeeded in reducing the penalty which he was facing.

4. Duncan v Duncan- A case of Matrimonial Assets where our client was being taken to court for disclosure of his assets. Using years experience in Family Law, we were able to save our client’s pension from being distributed and also a considerable lump sum order.

So what can we tell you about our service areas. Are they limited to Employment and Civil cases only as outlined above?. No. We offer a wide range of Commercial and Intellectual Property services since 2019. We now have advisers and consultants working in the following;

1. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility- If your a director or a stakeholder, we can help you understand both your directors duties under Section 172 of the Companies Act. Do you know stakeholder theory now means that stakeholders can also potentially make claims? We can guide you as to understanding your full corporate responsiblities to your stakeholders and set out advisories for different areas of your organisation, ensuring they are compliant at all times.

2. International Commercial Arbitration- Having a commercial dispute can be a tough negotiating process. We cover Arbitration and dispute resolution in this often referred to area. Whether you have a commercial dispute with a business and you need specialized arbitrators. We can assist. Our office in Heathrow is an ideal setting for dispute resolution. We can assist you all the way.

3. Investment arbitration- Are you locked into an investment dispute?. Has your money been expropriated unfairly with unreasonable justification. Is the country you invested in not providing the return. We deal with Bilateral Investment Treaties (BIT) between different countries. We can help you through the ICSID procedure for settling disputes.

4. Copyrights, Patents and Trademarks-Working on both UK IPO applications and European Patent applications. Our advisers can now advise you on whether your application would qualify for Patent protection. We can also advise on Copyright Infringement and Patent Infringement.

As of 2020 we all were unaware of how the Corona virus would affect Law practices across the UK. We have now adjusted our centre’s to ensure that they are fully equipped as to Covid 19 guidelines which will mean you are safe while entering any of our premises. We now have signage available on all our offices. Our Knightsbridge office will soon be moving to Grosvenor Gardens in Victoria as we could not ensure safety at our office in Ellis Street due to the limited space available. We now have opted for a larger space in Grosvenor Gardens.


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