Our Heathrow law team can assist you in all aspects of Copyright law. Whether you have a case of infringement or a case where you would like to protect your rights then we can assist you.

Four moral rights are included in the UK’s 1988 Act.

  1. The right to be identified as the author or director of work-that is the paternity right/
  2. the right of the author or a director of a work to object to derogatory treatment of that work-that is, the integrity right?
  3. the right for everyone not to have a work falsely attributed to him; and
  4. the commissioner’s right of privacy in respect of a photograph or film made for private and domestic purposes.

infringement can occur through the following forms;

  1. Primary infringement- copied works, copies of the work are issued to the public, the work is lent or rented to the public, the work is performed, shown or played in public, the work is communicated to the public.

To be an infringement there would be a requirement of misappropriation. The burden of proof is also a requirement along with the substance of the infringement. We can advise you on these elements.