Full Legal Services Provider

A Friendly Paralegal Services Provider delivering efficient and outstanding legal services

Heathrow Legal Centre is a Paralegal Services Provider. We provide a professional, friendly and outstanding services within diverse areas of the law.

We have had a variety of cases where we have helped our clients take legal action against big corporate organisations such as British airways on the grounds of discrimination, unfair dismissal and holiday pay claims.

We also had an instance where we managed to successfully resolve a case which appeared in the national news where bailiffs unlawfully entered the property of one our clients without having authority to do so and this therefore caused severe stress and anxiety to our clients for which our firm has managed to secure compensation for our client.

While the majority of the work we have undertaken has been civil cases as a firm we now have ambitions to grow in the UK and hope to specialise in Commercial law, intellectual property law and hopefully be able to taken a variety of cases within these areas of the law.

Paralegal Services- An Indispensable Name in the Legal System

We specialize in a range of domestic disputes

These include  Family, Divorce, Employment and Civil Litigation.

As of 2020 we are now also covering a range of Commercial matters.

These include  Corporate Governance, Intellectual Property and Arbitration disputes.

We employ specialist panel lawyers for the most contentious tasks. Therefore as a Paralegal service provide everything necessary prior to any hearings.

Contact us on the following numbers

02085750061– Lady Margaret road office

02087578616– Heathrow office